Meet the Team

Leon Rehrl


Leon is a co-founder of Naked Motoring and the official chief cook and bottle washer as well the creative brilliance behind the Naked Motoring YouTube videography. Having witnessed and being instrumental in the original birth and growth of Naked Motoring, he is the perfect person to lead it forward to reclaim its position amongst its peers and rivals. During the history of Naked Motoring he has filled many, many roles, including photographer, journalist, deputy editor, cameraman, creative boss and now editor-in-chief.

His creative expertise in the videography department has proven itself. Him taking huge risks to get the “perfect shot” is the stuff of legend, as well as for not allowing anyone to go home until that shot was obtained, which sometimes took more time than plants take to grow. Similarly as a qualified graphics designer and artist Leon will apply his craft to the production of a truly superb and beautifully designed and conceptualized magazine. A true creative genius and visionary, and now the face of the fun side of motoring journalism.

Oliver smith

Oliver brings to the table age and wisdom as our official columnist and is a man never afraid to voice his opinions and views… and of course is never, ever wrong. He is an avid motoring lover with a penchant for older, more classic cars… sort of a bit like him

Charlene Kelly

Charlene is our new soft touch who adds the incredibly valuable perspective of the female motorist, who we are convinced is not the worst driver in the world… that title is reserved for anyone who hasn't done a high-performance driving course… in a Ferrari.

Mark Botha

Mark is, like everyone at Naked Motoring, an avid car fan and sort of our off-road specialist… or at least that’s how we see it. He also brings to the table down-to-earth wit and charm, which money can’t buy and when nobody is looking steals a kiss from Charlene… his wife.

Howard Woolf

Howard is another new addition to the team and comes from a vast legal background… however despite spending most of his working life in stuffy courtrooms he has a firm appreciation of refinement, power and speed and this alone makes him perfect Naked Motoring material.

Thys de Bruyn

Thys is one of our original journalists from the early days and is resident, for reasons that escape us, in the Cape. He is a valuable and loyal member of the team who, being the youngest member of the team, adds a fresh and youthful perspective to the equation.

James davis

James is a South African ex-pat now living in the UK. Originally from Cape Town he cut his teeth in journalism during the 1980’s. An exceptionally well-rounded motoring nut, James’ penchant is for anything fast of Italian persuasion… sounds perfect for us!