For those who remember the original Naked Motoring recipe of fun and unconventional motoring journalism will be pleasantly surprised as it has only got better over time. We have transformed, evolved and moved forward with the times to vanquish our enemies and competition and again become the world’s favourite and most read online motoring publication.

The new site and magazine will offer you the most fun, and high-speed motoring adventure imaginable… we are here to fascinate and ‘wow’ you. There is a completely new team led by the original Naked Motoring co-founder, Leon, whose sole purpose in life is to deliver brilliant and cutting edge reviews to YOU.

So please browse the site and visit our magazine, video and article archive for a trip down memory lane… at 260km per hour—which incidentally is the average speed driven during our original supercar and high performance car testing. All of course was done on the only road in South Africa with no speed limit… we know of it only as “Bob”… and of course The Savage has been defrosted from his cryogenic sleep; who will be unleashed upon many empty roads at stupidly fast speeds because that is what you want! So browse the site, enjoy it and we look forward to hearing any comments you may have.

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