Retraction / error correction notice – Nov 2017 magazine

Dear readers.

I must apologise for any inconvenience caused by our use of incorrect and apparently “unauthorized” adverts featuring Bridgestone tyres.  I was also made aware today, by Bridgestone, for the first time that the advert stating that they are the leading tyre supplier to Formula 1 is factually incorrect as they apparently stopped supplying tyres to F1 back in 2010.

We were informed, seemingly incorrectly, that the adverts placed in the magazine were, firstly correct and secondly suitable for use in the magazine in the promotion of Bridgestone products.  At all material times we acted completely in good faith and with bona fides.

We shall in future editions refrain from promoting Bridgestone’s products using any “unauthorized” material and extend our sincerest apology to Bridgestone South Africa for any inconvenience caused by this misunderstanding.

With grateful thanks.

Leon – Naked Motoring Editor-in-Chief

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