New Pininfarina car brand to launch electric hypercar in 2020

Automobili Pininfarina has confirmed that it will launch an all-electric hypercar in 2020 with racing technology taken from parent company Mahindra’s Formula E programme.

The newly launched car brand, which is built from the base of renowned Italian design house Pininfarina and will be lead by former Audi India boss Michael Perschke, will launch the car as a halo product and will be its first of several all-electric models.

Mahindra group chairman Anand Mahindra said that Automobili Pininfarina’s hypercar will draw “upon the pedigree and design vocabulary of the Pininfarina aesthetic heritage” to “develop a rare collector’s item that only a handful of connoisseurs will ever own”.

He said that it will “be an innovative and pioneering product powered by high technology”. He added that it will combine “power, beauty and high-end EV technology”.

Although no further details for the hypercar are provided, we understand that it will use modular underpinnings co-developed by Croatian electric supercar maker Rimac and the Mahindra Racing Formula E team. It will apparently have a power output to rival the 1116kW offered by the Bugatti Chiron.

Rimac’s recently revealed C_Two produces 1407kW from four electric motors, illustrating the level of performance potential for the top Pininfarina.

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