Jennifer Muller special tribute magazine

Dear friends.

No marketing, no sales pitches, no advertising, no nonsense. Today we say goodbye and pay our respects to a very dear and special friend who is no longer with us. We remember Jennifer who passed away on 19 September 2018. This magazine is a compilation of her best reviews and columns to honour her.

Our thoughts, hopes and prayers are with her family and loved ones.

To download please click: Naked Motoring nagazine – Jennifer Muller tribute edition

One Response to Jennifer Muller special tribute magazine

  • My love of my life, my everything and more, my princess charming, my soulmate, thank you for all the gifts you have given me. I always used to wonder why you say thank you whenever we would say goodnight and now I realize that I never said thank you enough. Please forgive me my love for not saying thank you to you as often as I should have. You promised me an adventure of a lifetime and have most definitely delivered on your promise! Thank you for all the good memories and for giving me a chance at showing you a type of love you’ve been seeking for a while! Thank you for giving me a chance and for showing me among many other gifts you have given me, how to love again! Fly high, low, wherever you go with style, class and most importantly a need for speed as you are now more free then ever my love!!!!! I LOVE YOU WITH ALL MY BODY HEART AND SOUL always forever my sweat pea.

    Love for all eternity,
    Nadia (Your honey glazed carrot/Your Angel).

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