Volkswagen to launch 34 new models in 2020

Volkswagen will launch 34 new models globally in 2020 – including the first two models in its electric ID range, alongside six other electrified vehicles.

The company will launch the ID 3 in mid-2020, and Volkswagen says it will “soon be followed” by what it refers to as the ID Next. That is the mid-size SUV that was revealed in concept form as the ID Crozz, and is likely to use the ID 4 moniker when it reaches production. It is set to be offered in Europe, China and North America.

The six other electric and hybrid models will include the new Golf GTE, which is due to go on sale shortly after regular versions of the family hatch hit showrooms in the spring.

Volkswagen has yet to specify every model it will launch this year, but it says that the 34 machines will include 12 SUVs, a category that has been key to the firm’s success in recent years.

As it ramps up its ID electric car programme, the firm is midway through a major restructuring project that and has made 2.6 billion Euros of cost-savings to date.

While final figures are not set yet, Volkswagen says it is on track to post a record operating profit this year, despite its overall sales slipping slightly. While the global car market has shrunk, Volkswagen has increased its market share, largely thanks to the higher operating profit it can command from SUVs.

Ralf Brandstatter, Volkswagen’s chief operating officer, said that 2019 would be “a very successful year” for the firm. 

He added: “In a shrinking overall market the Volkswagen brand has won market shares worldwide and significantly improved its operating result. Ongoing restructuring of core business, including the positive effects of the pact for the future, and the success of the worldwide SUV offensive, have been key to this achievement.”

Brandstatter also played down any concerns over meeting the forthcoming tough EU fleet CO2 targets coming into force next year, following reports that rival Mercedes-Benz might have to restrict offerings from performance arm AMG. 

Asked if VW would face problems in 2020, Brandstatter said: “We don’t anticipate problems, we prepare solutions,” adding that selling emission-free electric vehicles would be a key part of that. He said that Volkswagen has committed to investing £16.1 billion in future technology by the end of 2024, including £9.3 billion in electric technology.

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