Naked Motoring magazine – May 2020

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Behold the pandemic is upon us, run and hide.  Well, frankly we would prefer to drive than run. The world may be in lockdown but we have kept working and in this month’s magazine we test eighteen amazing cars, including an exclusive blast around the Imola racetrack in the all-new Pagani Imola, the insane 600kW Sutton CS800 Mustang, the gorgeous and fearsome Jaguar F-Type P575 R AWD, the scalpel sharp Radical Rapture, the immersive Porsche Boxster 718 GTS 4.0 and the fantastic new Mini Electric.

Our columnists carry the torch high and have soldiered on donning masks and gloves to bring to you accounts of the fascinating aspects of their lives.

So stay indoors, sit back and enjoy our magazine.  Maybe it will make the lockdown just that little bit more bearable.

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